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Talent Acquisition and Retention Consulting

We believe it is critical to an organization's success to be effective at recruiting and retaining the best talent. Many organizations don't know how to determine whether they are effective at recruiting and retention. In addition, organizations often do not have a comprehensive sourcing strategy emphasizing execution.

Organizational Transitions can quickly and cost-effectively assess your organization's recruitment and retention capabilities by focusing on the following:

  • Organizational Business Plan and Budget
  • End to End hiring process
  • Employment Brand to include career site and collateral
  • Recruiter Effectiveness and Capability
  • Hiring Manager Role
  • Sourcing Strategy and Execution
  • Vendor Partners
  • Metrics/Recruitment Tools
  • On boarding Process

Organizational Transitions will provide you with practical, common sense recommendations that will vastly improve the way you attract and retain talent. We will also work with your team to implement and execute these recommendations.

Executive Search

For executive search assignments, we provide our clients two options:

Contingent/Research — Organizational Transitions (in partnership with Concept Recruiting Group) will provide you with a research-driven service for your executive and/or critical positions. Based on your input and specific needs, we utilize research tools to identify potential candidates. We then prepare lists of potential candidates that we will share and discuss with you. This research will list titles, company, reporting relationships and any other market intelligence.

You coordinate the interview and hiring process. We will continue to act as an advisor on as needed basis. You pay a small, upfront fee for the research. Once the candidate is hired, there is a percentage fee based upon first year salary. In addition, any research generated becomes the property of the client.

Retained — For a retained, competitive flat fee, Organizational Transitions will conduct a thorough and comprehensive search for critical, senior-level positions. Our process includes the following:

  • Job Definition: We will meet with the important stakeholders and review specific job skills, duties and metrics for success. We will get agreement and consensus on job profile.
  • Search/Sourcing: We will develop a search/sourcing strategy and get your agreement on a "go forward" plan.
  • Candidate Assessment: We will contact candidates that fit the job profile and conduct in depth interviews.
  • Candidate Presentation: We will submit a formal write-up on those candidates that we recommend for face-to face interviews.
  • Reference Checks: We will provide written reference checks on candidates considered finalists for the position.
  • Closing/Formal Offer: We will work with the client on negotiating the offer package and provide counsel on closing the candidate on formal offer.

Project-Based Consulting

There may be instances when you will need to supplement your recruiting team because of the need to make multiple hires in a short timeframe. Or if you don't have a recruiting team within your organization, you may need an outsource solution. Whatever the business scenario, Organizational Transitions can help you meet your business goals. We can effectively partner with you to understand your requirements and build a cost-effective and customized strategy to deliver a pipeline of qualified candidates. We will conduct comprehensive interviews, accurately assess candidates and assist you in closing and hiring the best candidates.

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Some of our clients include:

Circle Solutions
McLean, VA

General Dynamics
Advanced Information Systems
Fairfax, VA

KBR, Houston, Texas

Bamboo Solutions, Reston, VA

The Stanton Park Group
Washington, DC

American Academy of Orthotists
and Prosthetists
Washington, DC

National Wildlife Federation
Washington, DC

UPS (in partnership with BrandInside)
Atlanta, GA

Independence Air
(in partnership with BrandInside)
Dulles, VA

A major financial services company
Alexandria, VA